World Base Center

  • Eurasia Research Center

Is a research center for those who would like to learn more about the countries in Eurasia.

  • Cafeteria

Our cafeteria provides three meals a day, Monday through Saturday, year-round both the faculty and our international students.

  • Dormitory

Because of space limitations, priority is given to international students. International students who bring their families with them will need to look for housing off-campus. As rental accommodation in South Korea is relatively high, students should be advised to factor in a realistic amount when calculating their estimated costs. For estimates of housing costs, please consult the Dean of International Students. ALU is not responsible for living costs associated with off-campus housing such as but not limited to rental fees, telephone and utilities.

  • Sports

ALU encourages students to exercise regularly. Beside soccer games at the field, we also have an exercise room equipped with table tennis.